White Goods
SAP Performance & Quality Assurance

Client Case

  • A global appliance manufacturing group
  • It is the largest company in the world operating in the sector, with production sites in various countries (Europe, America and Asia). Its portfolio includes 18 appliance brands
  • Geographic Area of ​​ support: EMEA and NAR
The Company uses various IT providers and System Integrators to ensure and support its business needs (marketing and distribution of the household appliances manufactured). There was a need for the coordination, control and Quality Assurance of the providers on the SAP infrastructure areas supporting the production plants and the business.
Arxis supports the customer in the daily management of SAP systems and on value projects (EMEA and NAR areas). Thanks to its recognized technological competence, the Arxis team provided support to the Client regarding:
  • Management of complex projects (e.g. the complete migration of the entire SAP ecosystem to a public cloud)
  • SAP SW implementation and migration infrastructure projects to support manufacturing activities for all EMEA plants
  • Cost reviewing infrastructure projects that could be implemented through optimizations, capacity reviews, divestments and data archiving
  • Projects to deploy new features in the cloud
  • Implementation of the SAP ecosystem monitoring system
Knowledge of the customer’s business processes
  • Process optimization support
  • Improvement of incident response and management
  • Governance support for production releases
Quick implementation times
  • Optimization of delivery processes for infrastructure projects under its responsibility