We support customers in the architecture setup, implementation, monitoring and safety

SAP Experience


An MES system was created to respond to the fundamental need to connect the corporate management system (ERP) to the control systems of the machines in the production and logistics departments, in order to optimize these processes by improving the control of resources and the quality of the goods produced. Information is provided in real time to the offices involved so that they can get a comprehensive view of the progress of orders, the physical status of the resources and materials used, progress in terms of quantity and time and warehouse receiving, as well as a direct connection to the machinery to collect information that can be used to integrate the execution of production, i.e. to produce information for the control of production itself.

(Manufacturing Execution) is the MES of SAP

SAP ME is a standalone system, integrated with countless features that ensure control over manufacturing operations, the correct execution of operations, the traceability of components, the optimization of the reduction of cycle and inventory times. It provides a global vision regarding lines, systems and plants. It allows the identification of defects before the end of production, promptly intervening with corrective measures to save time and money. SAP standard MES module that provides standard integration with the customer’s SAP ecosystem and supports countless standards.

(Manufaturing Integration and Intelligence)

The platform is based on NetWeaver Java. Its function is that of a data hub between SAP ERP and applications deployed in the field, it synchronizes production operations with the back office since it acts as a central information interface to and from SAP ERP. It guarantees real-time visibility for all production information including orders, materials, quantities, costs and product quality.
SAP MII vertically integrates systems deployed in the field and collects data in real time by connecting them to the SAP ERP system. Each device can be used to view SAP MII data on production progress. SAP MII provides significant, intelligent improvements regarding the productivity and effectiveness of tools. Indeed, thanks to the use of SAP MII, you will be able to view exactly what you wish to monitor, the planned production progress, energy consumption, costs and production waste, since all data from the field is of fundamental importance.

(Plant Connectivity)

The PCo component is closely related to the ME/MII world. Through it, SAP provides a SW component that enables the exchange of data between a SAP system (MII, ME, EWM, ERP, ESP) and process control systems, SPC systems. Thanks to it, the customer receives notifications/events of connected source systems in automatic mode or on request, forwarding them to the related SAP system connected.
The advantages of using PCo
Speed ​​of configuration
Opportunity to communicate with other software systems
A single PCo System can be configured for one or more locations

Arxis’s experiencce

Significant, continuous multi-year experience in countless production contexts (from corporate to medium-sized enterprises) allows Arxis to support its customers in setting-up architecture, its implementation, monitoring and safety measures. We manage MII systems on different platforms, not least on HANA DB.