Project & Service Management, Training & Coaching

We provide resources and our experience to give the customers the opportunity to enrich their know-how

Technology Services


We manage complex technological projects and also support customers in the execution of management activities, within the scope of our skills and objectives. We provide training for internal IT teams, both through the provision of ad hoc courses and through on-the-job training sessions. Arxis is founded on people, we believe in people, our own and those of our customers, which is why we want to develop talent, irrespective of whether they are Arxis colleagues or the customers themselves.

Project Management

Thanks to its Project Management team, Arxis is able to support its partner both in the management of SAP projects and in complying with time and cost constraints. In order to try to achieve the objectives within the pre-established times and costs, Arxis provides the customer with a team made up of people with many years of experience in the sector, a team that is also capable of taking into account design risks that can only be effectively faced with the aid of consolidated cognitive experience. Digital Transformation, Intelligent Enterprise, Cloud, SAP Rise: our consultants can accompany you through the era-defining changes that your business needs to face.
We become a part of your complex management teams, using latest project management practices. We embrace SAP innovation by sharing the best approaches to guide your transformation into S/4 HANA through the adoption of the SAP ACTIVATE methodology. Agile, Discover, Prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy and RUN: objective achieved. Sharing the same vocabulary, the same tools and instruments is key to a successful project. In complex areas, we provide highly trained figures who support the customer in the daily management of application maintenance and service management, as well as in the definition of procedures, while performing Quality Assurance tasks. We provide our support in defining the best strategy to make the new technologies selected by the business usable. We assist clients in complex migration and transformation projects.


Over the years, Arxis has consolidated the Arxis Academy project, which is capable of responding to any market request relating to training in the main IT areas. We are able to provide methodologies and courses aimed at improving and increasing our partners’ know-how, from basic training to advanced courses.
Our training packages are always “customized” according to the context and the needs of the partner; in so doing, we are able to provide an effective education service, both as a training activity to complete projects, as well as the “permanent training” of IT personnel. Our trainers are, in turn, engaged in qualification and certification paths that allow them to always be up-to-date regarding market demands, especially on SAP, ORACLE and Microsoft environments, as well as on IT and methodological security, Data Bases and Virtualization.


Arxis has adopted the etymological meaning of this term, which is increasingly used in every area: “Coaching is a partnership relationship that is established between a coach and the customer in order to help the latter to achieve optimal results”. Faithful to this principle, in recent years Arxis has supported various partners through personal coaching sessions aimed at defining/achieving objectives, developing and calculating infrastructure investment return, coordinating the group and improving strategies concerning management and investment in the IT area.
We have tried to enhance everything by organizing both brainstorming and discussion sessions with other actors in the field of training and through collective periodic meetings, while also leaving space for individual meetings, when necessary. The coaching techniques adopted are more result-oriented than problem-oriented, in order to help people develop a “METHOD” so that they are able to achieve more effective performances and new strategies of thinking. We provided dedicated sessions for our partners through systematic paths, with the express purpose of providing an innovative contribution to the increase and reorganization of their commercial strategies and related investments in the field of IT.