Addendum to the policy on personal data processing regarding Green Pass checks


Arxis Srl, St.  Torri Bianche n.9 20871 Vimercate (MB), in its capacity as Data Controller, hereby informs you that your personal data, acquired to allow compliance with the anti-contagion measures relating to SARS Covid-2 will be managed using electronic and hardcopy means. All Data Subjects who access Arxis’s headquarters (workers, maintenance technicians, visitors, etc.) will be subject to the checks. The check is restricted to verifying the authenticity, validity and integrity of the certification and does not involve the collection of data in accordance with the provisions of Prime Ministerial Decree dated June 17, 2021, Legislative Decree 127 dated September 21, 2021 or the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Authority. Since collection does not take place, data retention is not necessary. The check is necessary in order to access Arxis’s offices in full compliance with current legislation. This check does not give rise to any automated decision, nor to profiling. Arxis will ensure that this processing is carried out in full compliance with the aforementioned regulations and confidentiality obligations, providing precise instructions regarding any persons in charge of the checks. In case of need, a Data Subject party may exercise the rights provided for in Articles 15-22 of GDPR 679/2016, which are detailed in the information available on the website www.Arxis and displayed at the reception desk at the entrance to the offices. To exercise their rights, or any need, a Data Subject may contact the Data Controller directly at the operational headquarters or by using a dedicated e-mail address: privacy@arxis. Should the Data Subject not be satisfied with the behavior of Arxis s.r.l., they may contact the Supervisory Authority in accordance with the instructions listed on the page October 14, 2021